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Jonghyun: 1D’s lyrics are too formal.

Guest: Then you do not like them?

Jonghyun: Yes, I don’t like them.

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Shall we hear a song? This song is Justin Nozuka’s “Sweet Lover”, requested by Toronto, Canada home towner, Sarah T. You seem to live in Korea now…

Kim Jonghyun, 푸른밤종현입니다 (June 24, 2014’s broadcast)

Jonghyun played my requested artist! They changed the song, but whatever. Woot. Yes. Yes, I do live in Korea. Note: I wrote that I missed my hometown of Toronto and wanted to hear some music from home. 쫑디씨, 고마워요~

  • J: My sister is 2 years older than me, and has the personality of a child. She has lots of aegyo, too.
  • Okdal: Your mom must like it a lot.
  • J: Yeah, she does.
  • Cr: cosmicsticks


Introducing our professional hat kicker in SHINee, Choi Minho!

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Onew’s face though..

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  • J: My mother graduated from university at 40 years old. Then, she started a childcare centre.
  • cr: cosmicstiks



cr: human-lock
J: I don’t go out in the day.
Guest: Because your identity makes it inconvenient?
JH: Not really, I don’t like the sunlight, my room has no windows, it’s dark inside. After the sun sets, I don’t really turn on the lights too, I light candles, I’m a romantic idol. 

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