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Hello! My name is Sarah. Welcome to my blog. This is just a place to put k-pop posts that my IRL people probably don't care about.

Ah! An excuse to post pictures of my k-puppy, Serena!

Yes, my puppy always listens to my problems…. when she’s not causing them!


minho silently whispers, “onew’s back”

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  • 9: When are you most likely to not be able to fall asleep?
  • J: On days when I am sad...
  • J: (Having) insomnia is really torturous. It happens all the time. On days when there are sad things, on days where I have mood swings. Majority, I can't sleep on days when I am sad.
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I purposely don’t practice the songs that many people sing. “You, are practising this song? Then I won’t do it.” I’m kidding~
Kim Jonghyun (Blue Night, 09/05/14), cr: GTG0408, bluenight408 (via cosmicsticks)

glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t know the difference…

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  • J: I debuted into this word in 1990
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140821 Blue Night Radio

Jonghyun: You (guest) debuted in 1991? As for me, I debuted into the world in 1990.


  • J: If it's really hard then just cry it out. Perhaps others will judge, but you have to release all the feelings that you have been surpressing all these while. "I'm not being like this so that others can look at me this way, but it's (my way) of releasing stress. I have been feeling so upset, stressed, and depressed, why can't I cry."
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I took this short clip of SHINee from my seemingly far seat in the W-J section. Lucky me! I was right at the end of the row, and right beside the press box. No one blocked the small little stage they set up either.

Can I tell you how much I love my camera? (The answer is “a lot”.) I wish I could have taken better pictures of my bias, Jonghyun… Alas, he was minding the fanclub on the other side of the arena. Okay… I understand, Jonghyun. :’(

But to be honest… the concert was almost 6 hours. I was wondering why SMTOWN was scheduled to start at 5PM. X_X

There weren’t any breaks. It was just SMTOWN in your face for this huge, extended period of time. I didn’t eat. I didn’t get up to go to use the washroom. I didn’t want to miss ANYTHING. 

My face the whole time:

Everything was amazing. At first, I was kind of iffy about getting the ticket. It was 100,000 won. However, considering who was there and how long the concert was. This was a really cheap ticket for a quality concert.

If you get a chance to go to Seoul and watch this live. Just do it. Even from the 3rd floor. Just go!

And I just noticed that Jjong reached for the wrong leg.